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Google Places Becomes Google My Business, and That’s a Good Thing

Posted On: August 15, 2014

We’ve mentioned once or 1,000 times that Google?loves to change things. Those regular changes can lead?to a lot of confusion about how to manage everything?related to your business through Google.

Well, the search engine leader has made another?change, but this one looks really good, because it’s?addressed those earlier changes by consolidating its?local assets into one simplified platform.

It’s called Google My Business, and presuming?Google doesn’t change it sometime in the next year?(you never know, but let’s hope), this should make?things much easier.

This new interface is designed to let you manage your?entire presence on Google, ranging from Google Plus?business profile, and Google Reviews to Google?Insights, Analytics and Hangouts.

It’s available on your desktop, smartphone and tablet,?and Google is switching its business users over?automatically.

Features include the ability to:

  • Update your business info on Search, Maps and?Google Plus all in one place
  • Add photos and a virtual tour of your business?interior
  • Connect directly with fans and customers by?sharing news and events from your Google Plus?page
  • Review and respond to Google reviews

Google is promoting Google My Business as a type ?of all-in-one solution for small businesses to improve?their traffic from local search. Of course, as a reader?of this newsletter, you know that having a fully?completed Google profile — while certainly?important — is just the foundation for driving site traffic. But this remains a good development on?Google’s part.

One very useful aspect of Google My Business is the ?Business Information Progress Bar. It provides?extremely clear directions to the layperson about?how to optimize your business profile. Simply mouse?over the progress bar to see specific action items to?complete.

If you’re setting up a listing for the first time, the?interface lets you know that you need to claim your?business and add the pertinent information. If you’re?not sure what you’re missing to completely optimize?your listing, Google makes it clear. It’s a pretty?impressive platform.

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