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Three Factors for Local Home Improvement SEO You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Posted On: March 19, 2019

Have you done the work to localize content on your?window or home improvement business?website? If so, you?might?be ahead of the competition, but you have more work to do before you can claim a win in the local SEO game.?

Showing up in searches with local intent can help drive more?customers?to your site, and on-page content does play a role in that effort. But the three factors below are also important, and when you know how to leverage them, they can positively impact your local home?improvement company?SEO:?

  1. Google?Reviews?

Google uses the number of reviews a business has as a factor in determining?how well the business ranks?in search results. This is especially true for Local?3-Pack and map results, which get prime space above the fold.??

Ensure your home?improvement company?shows up in relevant local searches more often by encouraging satisfied?homeowners?to leave a review. Google also likes it when you respond to your reviews, indicating that your business is active and engaged, so don’t leave?reviews?as a one-way street.?

  1. Links from Local Sources

When a local organization or business includes a link to your?home improvement company?on?its?page or?in a?social media status update,?that’s?akin to recommending your?business?to?its?customers or followers.?That can be a powerful motivator for potential?customers, and just a few local links?can?drive up your traffic.?

You can get local links by partnering with other businesses in the area on charitable initiatives, sponsoring events or organizations,?or?providing?interviews for local news stories.??

  1. Google My Business

Businesses that invest a little time in their Google My Business profile are seeing good results. They’re getting calls directly from their GMB pages?and experiencing an uptick in traffic to their websites. Increase your?home?improvement?online marketing results by ensuring your GMB listing is complete and accurate and?by?taking advantage of?Google My Business?posts.?

A little work in a few of these areas goes a long way to supplementing your?home improvement?SEO?and increasing?both?leads and revenue.?

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